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Providing diversified tunneling and mining solutions

People Safety

Your safety is our priority, mitigate your risk by knowing what’s ahead of you. We provide full range solutions for your rock support and to minimize your geological risk.

Self-sustainable refuge chambers together with Gas and Dust Monitoring are active measures to keep your workers safe and help you to reach your zero incident goal.

Smart Mining

Our focus is on process control, ore grade control, digital data collection, using artificial intelligence to optimize the output and adding value to the operation. In the same time we are actively reducing your carbon footprint and helping you towards Net Zero.

Tunneling Equipment

At Hurst Mine Tec Safety and carbon footprint reduction are not only phrases, we are living it. Our remote controlled equipment is removing the human from the risk zone, our special trucks are enabling smaller built tunnel and haulages, providing therefore cost effective underground mine development solutions. Our fleet of fully battery driven utility vehicles are state of the art and designed to minimize your carbon footprint.

A Team You Can Count On

We show up every day to make our mission a reality for our partners and customers.

We know and understand your needs, with a specific focus on people safety, smart mining and tunneling equipment.

We enable you to achieve your goals

  • Know your process data in real time, optimize your output

  • Know what’s ahead, create a safe work environment, and manage your risk

  • Ore Grade control with IBERIA can be direct linked to CO2 reduction

  • Possible to build smaller underground developments by using the correct equipment at the same time BEV is reducing the ventilation needs and CO2 emissions

  • Remote operations remove human from the risk zone

  • Knowledge of operational data to analyze optimization potential

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