Subroca is a globally known manufacturer of self-sustainable refuge chambers. Their own engineering office enables them to adapt the refuge solutions to the desired needs of the customer.

Thanks to the innovative technology our refuges are the easiest to use in the market. They comply with ITA WG5 and BS 16191:2014 standards.

Subroca South Africa is manufacturing and assembling the refuge chambers in Johannesburg. All maintenance, services and compliant checks are done by our own engineers.

Refuge Chambers

The hazards frequently encountered in underground environments, such as fires, explosions and the release of smoke and other toxic gases, require a high level of safety planning.

Emergency shelters, also known as refuge chambers or emergency chambers, are facilities designed to increase the chances of survival of personnel in the event of an underground disaster. They provide a safe area where personnel can regroup while awaiting extraction.

Based on know-how recognised by the main players operating in underground environments, SUB’ROCA has developed a wide range of emergency and rescue shelters to adapt to all your projects.

Multi-parameter monitoring box

SUB’ROCA offers a turnkey solution for the safety of your underground works. Our multi parameter measuring instrument is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. They integrate a state-of-the-art technology that allows to measure in real time the evolution of the atmosphere.

Such as gases, dust PM 10 and 2.2, temperature and relative humidity. The box can be connected over any wi-fi or wired network to the internet or between the devices it self.

Seismic Prediction

Knowing what’s ahead of the face – Manage the risk

  • Plan construction
  • Instruct personnel
  • Organise Logistics
  • Preconsolidate rock
  • Ensure continuous advance
  • Reduce downtime

Crack Detection

Energy Effciency

Crack detection inside rocks

Energy Effciency

Increase mine safety

Energy Effciency

Decrease costs through optimized anchor process

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